So, Word of Rex.

In the beginning, there was pie. This pie was the entire universe. It was that Jello Pumpkin Pie.

Then Haruhi imagined a world, and boom. Here’s everything.

What follows is the words writer of that world. Given not from a burning bush, but from a squid with glasses.

This is canon, yo!

[spoiler title="Character Traits and Etcetera" style=1]

Sly’s Eye / Hair Color

Even though Sly’s eyes and hair are red and blue respectively, the fact that those are also his favorite colors is a coincidence. Neither influenced either, and he doesn’t wear contacts or hair dye.

Slip MAY be haunted by the ghost of Bruce Willis. 

Word of Rex on Katri purring. [/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Slime goo and Hair styles"]Katri and Stepphie’s hairstyles (as well as others) are made possible due to classical RPG slime goo, used as hair gel. The goo was found to keep hair in whatever style you want to. However, it dissipates in the smallest bit of water. Katri works for the main company that sells this hair gel, Gootrogenus.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title="Series in the Same Universe"](Disclaimer: It should be obvious, but this canon isn’t mutual. If I say something’s canon in this, it doesn’t mean it’s canon in any other work represented. Nor does it mean the other works take place in the same universe. It’s just for Slyphorama.)

 Katawa Shoujo is in the same universe.

Batman exists in this universe as well. However, he’s in Gotham City, while the story takes place in Tokkou, a land in the ocean near Japan. Don’t expect him to show up, but it’s not out of the question. [/spoiler]