Hello Everynyun! How are you? Fine, thank you.

So, the count down is over!

I should say this: I was going to launch it on 12/10, but stuff happened. Like not having time due to finals, and related.

So, I have a small pile of introductory comics, which I’ll figure out something to do with. I’ll probably post the transcripts somewhere.

I’m notorious for not being able to keep up stuff on a normal schedule. I can assure this will not be like the case of VGCats. As a matter of fact, until I get into the groove, there’s not an entirely set schedule. Probably once a week at first, not including that I have comic 0 then comic 1, a Christmas-related comic for near Christmas itself.

I am creating social networking accounts for the comic as you read this, specifically Twitter and Facebook. You won’t be able to miss those, honestly.

Alrighty, enjoy your stay at Slyphorama.net!



The rapture of 2012 just seems like pure silliness. I am an atheist, but even when I wasn’t, I thought the entire thing was just entirely too silly. *inbeforemontypython*

So, if you’d like, comment, and share, and what have you!