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Birthday: 9/24

19. He’s an otaku that gained the powers of ice and electricity due to an interesting happening (it’s in the manga!). The red equals marks on his face are facepaint.

Birthday: 1/31

16. She’s Sly’s sister, and the only member of Slyph Co. still in school. The flower / plus shaped bow was a gift from a long time ago. Don’t let her appearance fool you, she has super strength!

Birthday: ???

This penguin is Sly’s pet and comic duo partner. Can also be a straight man, but generally isn’t. He got the two minus-sign shaped scars before he met Sly. His top hat contains anything and everything.

Birthday: 5/25

17. She doesn’t play RPGs, she DOES them! This cat girl is the comic’s straight man. She really likes her X shaped hair clips. Pettanko.

Birthday: 10/15

20. Stab’s a ninja with superspeed abilities. He’s been Sly’s best friend for around a decade. He has a division sign scar on his face, but he won’t talk about it.

Birthday: 8/15

24. She’s the mentor to the Slyphorama team. She’s kind of a tomboy and has an exposed fang, but does her devious smile hide something more?

Birthday: 1/3

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 A smallish island nation sorta near Japan. Mostly everything takes place there.