So, where shall we start?

I’ve been working on an original manga. It was initially planned to debut at SakuraCon 2012 in Seattle, WA, but life happened.

And I figured, if I wanted to build hype for that and my series in general, why not a webcomic? So, here we are.

This webcomic is a parody of the manga series, which is a parody of Shounen series in general. But this webcomic comes out before the manga. It’s effectively parodying something that doesn’t exist yet.

The manga is a full-fledged story, don’t think any different. It’s got action, comedy, plot, uhh….characters, settings….yeah.

I’m waiting to start on the actual final drawing part until my art is at a high enough level to start. Let’s just say the story will lose a lot of impact with my current level.

Due to this condition, my current estimate for the first chapter is somewhere between May – August, this year, 2012.

The chapters will be released digitally in some form at first, and we’ll see where we can go from there.

And for you people without credit cards or whatever, a few chapters after it starts, I’ll put the first chapter up here somehow. That probably wouldn’t be until at least Christmas. (Hijirimas, for you people with the same religion as I.)

I occasionally throw a hint around or two on my Twitter. No spoilers though, haha.