Hello everyone, Stab here. Stepphie’s been…creeping me out. Sometimes it just gets really tense for some reason. I…have a feeling she killed someone. Maybe a lot of people. Sly seems to know this, but doesn’t say anything. You guys will know the trut- *BOOM*

What…the heck happened out there? Oh. Oh gosh. Stepphie just destroyed part of the city with her hammer. This was a busy district. The casualties must be in the tens of thousands! Let this be the proof of her true nature. Spread the word! Stab, out.

Hehe, silly Stab. Stepphie’s fine, this strip is just for comedy.

Anyways, Rex here. Yeah, I know it’s been a long time since the last one. That’s why I busted my squiddy ass on this one. 12 hours straight yesterday, 3 hours today, and some untimed amount on the original pencil drawings. It’s a 2 full day investment for me to do a strip. I can’t dedicate that amount of time to something I’m not that interested in.

So, this strip introduces a few new things. First off, the design of Stepphie’s hammer. I’ve been working on it for a while, and just recently got a design I’m happy with. It’s part of a philosophy I’m designing the weapons with, of a shared palette with the character themselves.

Next new implementation, a visual description of how Stepphie’s hammer changes sizes. It can get bigger, scaling with how strong the character is in the first place, while adding additional strength that also scales. It’s unlikely to reach this size in the actual manga, but who knows; maybe down the road I can. Right now the max size it can get is where the sides are around 6 feet in diameter.

Speaking of the manga, while I haven’t started the art part of it, I have been revising, refinining, and writing more for it to be the best series it can be. It’ll take a bit longer, of course, but to keep with the series’ theme, it will be in full color. That will be fun. :D

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the strip! And We should fund a Wack-A-Moai machine. Kickstarter?